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Making a difference 

 For Cancer Patients

Cancer Charity Trust was founded in 2002 to ensure that time-bound treatments are provided in an affordable manner to cancer patients, with Dr. Sanket Mehta being personally involved, and helming the affairs. Asha Oncocare Foundation was founded in 2019 to expand the donation base to corporate donors and complement the work conducted at Cancer Charity Trust. ​

After the initial fundraising, the founders recognised that the cause can make a difference not only for their own patients but for the entire cancer community that requires extensive help. They realised that the requirement at all Cancer hospitals was enormous and they reached out to other surgeons to widen the scope of reach of CCT and AOF. 

In the last financial year, these institutions have raised over INR 1 crore, which has benefitted over 500 patients across 15 hospitals in Mumbai. 

(Cancer Charity Trust is FCRA compliant and Asha Oncocare Foundation is a Section 8 company.

Both CCT and AOF are 80G registered.)

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Dr. Sanket Mehta

Our Treatment Partner

Specialty Surgical Oncology (SSO) hospital provides advanced cancer care right from diagnosis to post-operative care. At a time when the healthcare industry is changing rapidly, SSO Hospital remains committed to exceeding patients’ and team members’ expectations, while transforming healthcare delivery. SSO strives to provide quality care and a supportive environment for patients and their families.

The doctors at SSO used to come across patients that required help for necessary treatments but failed to afford the same due to the costs involved. This led to the thought behind Cancer Charity Trust and Asha Oncocare Foundation, which help to bridge the gap between the patient’s requirement for treatment and available aid from interested donors.

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Meet The Team

Rj Shah.png

Raj Shah

Co – Founder and Chief Financial Advisor

Riddhi Shah.png

Riddhi Shah

Chief Administrative Officer

Esha Chadha.png

Esha Chaddha

Patient Content Director and Social Media Manager

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